Saturday, March 3, 2012

Neil is ON DA RUN..........

message in a bottle???

Sorry for the "few day break in blogging".......while my energies were up following Chemo round #2 I have been keeping myself plenty busy, trying not to sit still too much........So lets get to this thing I got PLENTY to share with you.....
JUMP to Thursday....Follow up CT day
Met with the financial folks at need go into that....OVER IT!!! I do need send a shout out to Malia, who happened to be in "the right place at the right time".....I was headed to my meeting solo and bumped into Malia walking through the hospital lobby. She stayed with me, was a perfect second set of ears and helped keep my stressing at a minimum....MAHALO MALIA...for sure your better cure than Valium for me!!!

Sorry for concerns this pic caused when I slapped it on FB!!!  The IV had to be placed because the contrast that they use for the CT can not be infused through my port-a-cath.......also one of my biggest FEARS is an infection of my port....seen this too many times with the kids! Only time I want my port accessed is for my chemo or other major infusions ....and will only be accessed by a chemo nurse or me!!! If need quick blood draw or quickie IV I got nice big fat flowing veins..."if you can't get specimen from them, I'll get if for you"........

The reason for the CT was to do a quickie look see at any response to chemo, but also to check blood flow through vessels affected by the Neil(s).....I have been having constant headaches (I would think stress induced) but also some dizzy spells when getting up fast from sitting or squatting.....So we got the "thumbs up" from financial folks and CT pau....

Friday was a GREAT DAY~~~ woke up my usual before sunrise, feeling great!!! Top that off with my final dose of steroids and I was really feeling GREAT.
Headed out for my sunrise walk and made it further and in less time than I have since this all started.

Felt amazing to be greeted by the sunrise, especially following the previous few days of cloudy overcast sunrise.....sat still for at least an hour doing nothing but soaking up some vitamin D. (yea yea yea I HAD sunscreen on........)

After my walk and morning "me time"....I was still feeling energized and got out and did some yard work..........small kine rake, pick up twigs......but still felt great to be outside and be physically active, doing some of my "pre-cancer" "normal life" stuffs.
Followed up the yard work with a trip to the grocery, bank, and drug store........nice to be INDEPENDENT!!!!

Arrived home was for sure feeling full effects of days activities.....batteries depleting fast.....into the shower to get ready settle in .....of course the moment I am under the water the phone biggie......can't be that important right????? Sure enough when out of shower and check phone its a Voicemail from an "UNKNOWN" caller.......but I listened to it anyway......
Turned out to be my Oncologist......I knew he was off island so hearing his voice at first was unsettling.......mind racing......what could be wrong now......

BUT..... (and I know I shoulda shared this first thing.....but what good is a story without a little plot and suspense - I also had to make some calls before throwing this out into "blog world")

the Onco said "CT report LOOKS GOOD, the lymph nodes are all shrunk down and some of them are even NORMAL NOW....which is a VERY GOOD RESPONSE "
Yea ya babies go ahead and CRY ....I do every time I try to relay $$$ goes into "crybaby jar" for "da good kine tears".....

SOOOO, what does this mean????? Sounds like
Pretty much after one round of chemo......its too soon to really be seeing full effects of Round 2
I still have a ways to go ....I (we) are not even at the half way point of the Chemo's......but this is HUGELY ENCOURAGING NEWS!!!!
But c'mon....did you really have any doubts?!?!?!?!
The Neil(s) are getting their lickin's and next we are coming for YOU BOB!!!

There is not a doubt in my mind that ALL OF YOU had something to do with all of this....your support, caring, generosity and most of all the LOVE that has flowed my way like a tidal wave.....sweeping me off of my feet........but instead of taking me under.....pushed me to the surface many many times since this all began.....each time to allow me another breath...... another source of energy.....more reminders of how blessed my life is and how much more LIVING I HAVE TO DO and how many more memories, laughter, tears, good times and bad times I have to share with all of you.

From my core
(with all the warmth of my love)
(Thank you)

How was that for a "message in a bottle"........



  1. Hurray for good news AND for great times outdoors. thinking of you! Jen Lamb

  2. Yyyyiiiipppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!