Sunday, May 20, 2012


Been home just over a week "on the rebound" from the knock down beating I experienced.....most of my time has been spent simply sleeping....listening to my body and my spirit and doing what they are asking of me...
Finally off the antibiotics....was on high dose big guns and if you've ever been on antibiotics you know the GI "upset" side effects that come along with the treatment......I haven't been able to venture too far from a bathroom, especially during the first few days of being home......wasn't "Da Puke Monster" was his cousin "Shitty McShitster"......without going into too much graphic detail ...I will leave it to your imagination as to how I managed to lose 10 lbs in one week.
Finally started to feel some energy return by Friday and was able to for the first time in over 3 weeks get out for my morning sunrise walk.....didn't get so far...but got up and out. Needless to say it felt AMAZING!! Watching the sunrise, listening to the early morning sounds, looking at the light changing, breathing in the fresh air......reminded of how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much beauty and healing energy that is abundant in Hakipu'u.......if I am going to have to go through hell, how fortunate am I to live in heaven!!
Was up and out again Saturday morning but by the end of my walk was WIPED OUT! Had some banking/grocery/errands stuff to do....and you know how I like my independence so went out and got what needed to be done ....done.....guess I "over did it" a bit, by late afternoon was exhausted and started feeling the chills.....checked and temp was up over 99. F had some flash backs of two weeks ago and got a little worried. Rode it out, couldn't take anything to prevent fever....because fever is sign of infection and if the infection is still hiding out in  my system somewhere it would be good to know before Chemo on Monday.  "De-stressed" a bit, took a nap and my temp came back down and stayed down through the night and has remained down through out today.
Biggest physical changes  I been experiencing ....the numbness and tingling in my lips and tip of my tongue that I first noticed when I got sick 2 weeks back, are pretty much there all the time now.....thought is that it's a form of chemo toxicity peripheral neuropathy ....same same as what happened to my finger should all hopefully go away a few weeks after all the chemo infusions are done.
Today is the first time I am having a real hard time walking. Not my feet like what is expected with the peripheral neuropathy but my knees...I first noticed it Friday when on my morning walk, tried take a small kine step up the sand and my knees gave out and bam I was down in a kneeling up and finished my walk, didn't pay it too much mind.
This morning I got up and my left knee is barely supporting my  weight....weird feeling...took me FOREVER to walk the "96 steps" across the yard to Terry and Nakoa's ....need my "Makai fix". Terry tried get me to take a driftwood cane to walk back home.....YEAH RIGHT?!?!?!?  me with a know that pic of me hobbling through the yard would have wound up on facebook in no time flat...I'll be fighting that happening!! So just been a quiet day cruising on sofa.....a nice long vicodin induced nap....getting things ready for tomorrow. Will have to see what the doc thinks about the "knees thing".....I can't figure it out.

So here we are "Chemo-Eve".....the night before ROUND 6....what could potentially be the last time I have chemotherapy infused into my body...... wish I could say I was "excited" be honest for the first time through all of this I am SCARED SHIT LESS.
This is a level of FEAR I have never known before......and I have done stuff in my life that evoked some levels of fear (rightfully so)...nothing like this.
It's how sick I got 2 weeks fast and hard that came on ......the reality that I was closer to death than I have ever been before.....I thought I had already done plenty of re-evaluating, re-defining and fine tuning since all of this started.....that was kids play compared to the thoughts, feelings, emotions, realities I have gone through in the past 2 weeks.
This is the first time that I feel physically unprepared for mind and spirit are kinda almost there....but it's the fatigue, pain and weakness of my body that scares me most.
We knew this could's the cumulative effects of the chemo-therapies with the added assault of the infection 2 weeks body is just beaten down.
Folks will want to "celebrate" the day of "final chemo".......although glad to be at this point, there can be no celebrating for me.....remember the full effects of the chemo don't hit until a week after the infusion......the term "ticking time bomb" comes to mind. Then there is the few weeks of lingering fatigue that I have been told to expect to be worse than where I am at  right now.
I keep saying - for sure lets plan for the worst, asking my doc to go through all the worst case scenarios, talk about what is "expected to happen"....hoping that in true form my body will do the complete opposite of what everyone "expects" it to do.....

(noun) a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

It is not a "fear of dying".....I am pretty sure I talked about that in my last blog.....the whole "dying thing" I am at peace with....if it is time for my "ticket to be pulled" so be it......I can move on way do I mean I am ready to go.....there is still plenty I plan to do here.....but ultimately none of us have any control over "ticket pulling times"
The fear for me is the fear of the pain, the fear of the potential suffering, the fear of the abuse my already weak body will have to endure......sure some of it comes from having been in this situation with patients far too many times than I would like to remember......a lot of it is "fear of the unknown" , "fear of not being in control".........fear of everyone seeing me weak.......I know your thinking "that's a silly thought" ......but if you know me, you know the LAST THING I want anyone to think of me as is WEAK and the last thing I want anyone to see is me weak.

There are decisions that need to be made, thoughts that need to be worked out, a lot to process......
if things go into shitter real far do I want to be intubated/put on  a ventilator?? What type of life saving measures do I want if it comes to that?? Who's going to be there if the shit hits the fan again?? Should I clean the house real good before going in to chemo - just in case I don't come right home?? Am I really as strong as I like to think I convince everyone else I am???

Looks like that last one is really going to be put to the test (as if it hasn't already) How "strong" am I really??? I have had the strength to make it this I have the strength to make it through.....what is real strength???
What I have to go on is the memories of the little warriors I have shared times with, the kids I have taken care of they knew real strength.
I have the stories of the cancer survivors I know, so many who have gone through so much, found the strength and courage to make it to "the other side"....the side called SURVIVOR.

Was perfect timing to have a phone conversation with one of my oldest and closest friends today, Johnny. He is someone I have always felt blessed to have in my life, someone I always looked up to and admired. He's my buddy who taught me to sail and with who I spent hours and hours sailing with on Lake Michigan back in my Chicago many great memories and good times.....we were part of a group of friends that is hard to describe if you never saw us in one outside of our group will admit to it but they know there were a few years where we were the "Kings of Boys Town"!!!!
Johnny has been where I am right now ......he is a SURVIVOR! I hadn't realized until our conversation today how similar our "situations" are.....same diagnosis all the way right down to matching scars placed at biopsy sites and port placement sites.......
He has always been an inspiration to me , for years and years before I was diagnosed....and once I was diagnosed I have carried with me the thoughts of his fight, his battle, his victory and from that I have gotten plenty of strength when I needed it most.
Makes me small kine crazy that there is so much distance that separates us and that we have allowed so much time to pass with out being in the same place at the same time....but this is one of those friends that no matter how far or how long, they are always close by and when you do talk it is like you were just sitting at Starbucks yesterday talking story and sharing the crosswords.....
One conversation and so much was put into perspective....definition of friendship, unconditional love, what is truly important in life......made me realize how much stress I have been putting on myself that is not necessary.
It is the kids and the survivors I know that have paved the way for me.....and it is my turn to walk that path so that in the future I can be there to help those that will follow behind me.....

FEAR.....yeah it's got a hold on me....and I have every right to be feeling it right now.....I have every right to be feeling anything I want right now.....I will acknowledge the fear BUT  I will NOT allow it the power to take over
It is not unrealistic to acknowledge the need now to ramp up for battle......the battle is here and it is realistic to acknowledge the next few weeks things are probably going to get a whole lot worse before they get better....
I don't want and I don't need rainbows and sunshine shoved up my ass....this is the reality I have been dealt and it is a necessary process for me to face it , deal with it, battle with it so that I too will come out on the "other side" and join the ranks of "SURVIVOR"!
I do have and ARMY behind me supporting me, standing at my side and ready for get my back if needed....for that I am beyond grateful! The love, support, caring and generosity I have been shown over the last 4 months is astounding and words can not express the appreciation I have .....
I would truly be lost if not for all of the planning, physical/mental/emotional support, the talks, the notes, the phone calls, the emails, the generosity, the financial planning/advice, the meals, the checking in .......the list goes on and on......

Going to cut this one short....gotta get my "chemo-to-go bag" packed, Supah-P shirt and quilt my mom made me out and ready to go.....a good big glass of wine and some quiet time (this is me kidding myself that I am actually going to sleep tonight.....)
Tomorrow IS A BIG DAY.....and yes let's celebrate what will be the potentially final day Chemo gets put into my my good friend Alan so wisely put it "FUCK BOB....ITS TIME TO MOVE ON"



One way to demystify something and make it less scary is to throw the curtain back and really look at it......It doesn't mean that you've given up. 
It is a gift to really look at death as a way to AWAKEN TO LIFE......

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Circling The Drain"......

At this point most of you are probably already aware of my being hospitalized this past weekend, been lots of questions about what went down....some of it's kinda "fuzzy memories" but going try give you and idea of what went down and give you a look into what can happen when someone on chemotherapy comes down with an infection.....again this is MY experience....not every cancer patient goes through the same....some never see anything like this.......some go through FAR WORSE.
______________________________________________________________ last blog was about dealing with "Da Puke Monster"......sent him packing by late Thursday into Friday....then woke up Friday morning feeling a little shitty......scratchy throat, runny nose and run down.
Spent the day at home chilling....mostly sofa surfing. Watched my temperature close, it never got over 99.0F. I remember going to bed that nite feeling a little bit shittier...... took an "adult dose" of Benadryl...which being the pantie I am was too much and made me restless and tossing turning most of nite.
Woke of Saturday morning feeling like complete SHIT (or at least what I though complete SHIT felt like).....same thing runny nose, scratchy throat, small kine cough.....for sure battling some bug more puking....and again watched my Temp's close ....... Temperature above 100.5F and I am supposed call doctor and head to ER......but again temps never got over 99.1F all morning.
Remember being crazy tired, so laid down on the sofa for a nap sometime late morning.........
Woke sometime after 1:00pm with a strong cough, bringing all kinds green stuff up out of my lungs, was having small kine troubles catching my breath, and my fever was 101.5
I called the Cancer Clinic and of course was told head directly to ER and the nurse would give the Oncologist on call a heads up that I was headed in.
When I was discharged from hospital back in February the nurses had told me if my fever ever went over 101.0 to make sure I brought my "overnite bag" to ER cause slim chance I wouldn't be admitted.
I called my friend Kolea, me and her work together in the PICU and lucky for me she lives right up the road....plan has always been she would be my "medical backup" person if needed.
I told her take her time coming down to get me, I needed to shower, prep the house and of course when I was first diagnosed and came home I had a pre-packed overnight /in case of emergency bag on standby for a situation like this.....yeah, um guess who went and unpacked that bag a few weeks ago with thoughts of being "superhuman" and "would never need to be admitted to hospital"
The decision to try do all of this stuff and tell Kolea to take her time was an
In the hour that went by my breathing was getting more and more labored, just couldn't get air into my lungs, couldn't stop coughing and my temperature had shot to over 103.F
Luckily Nakoa was here to keep me calm (make sure I didn't pass out) but from what Kolea told me I looked like when she arrived - I feel bad for putting Nakoa through that.
Yeah yeah ...your asking "why not just call the ambulance".......1.denial of how bad the situation was 2.high fever/hypoxia my brain was not functioning properly
3. if you've ever been to Hakipu'u you can imagine how long it would take for a ambulance to get here and then try convince them I had to go to Queens Hospital and not Castle which is closer.

Whatevah's......decision was made I got in car with Kolea and off to Queens ER we went.
When we arrived at the ER things were getting plenty worse, I could breathe (Kolea described it as bobbing with each breath) , could barely walk and I was making no sense at all.
No need say but they obviously didn't waste any time grabbing me, bypassing triage and getting me right into the ER (sorry old Japanese dude that got booted from the room they put me in- I paid for it having to deal with the glaring and staring from your family for the next while)
Guess I was really making no sense, I told the doctor I had a Neuroblastoma.....then a little later when realized that wasn't rite I couldn't remember what kind cancer I had.....
Put on monitors, vitals done, STAT labs and blood gas drawn......
Temp still over 103, HR sustained above 120, normal to what is for me low B/P's
It was the blood work results that bumped me up to what they considered "Critial Status"
It showed I was hypoxic - meaning my blood was carrying very little oxygen through my body.
The big on was my serum  Lactate of 3.4 (text book normal Lactate is 0.5-2.2)......
Here comes the teaching..... aerobic metabolism which supplies appox 90% of the bodies energy needs requires oxygen and the body switches to anaerobic metabolism and  lactic acid is the byproduct of that.
A serum lactate level measures the amount of lactic acid in the blood and is an indicator of tissue hypoperfusion and hypoxia......meaning my there was not enough blood getting to my organs and through my body.
Most patients who develop lactic acidosis are considered critically ill. And along with the lab values I was showing most of the clinical signs and symptoms....altered mental status, pale, cold but diaphoretic.....hypotension, tachypnea and tachycardia.......
I know plenty folks thinking...."ewwww he shoulda went to hospital earlier in week when throwing up"....."why he always gotta try be superman".....blah blah blah
I had not been puking for over 24 hours and my electrolytes on my lab work showed I WAS NOT DEHYDRATED....this buggah infection came on out of know where fast and hard.
So, bam IV's in both arms, at one point they were running 3 separate liter bags of IV fluids into me at same time.....Chest X-ray showed a left lower lobe pneumonia.....antibiotics started.......fluids and Tylenol into me started to feel "better".....for sure my brain stopped frying and things making more sense.....for sure was alert and oriented when the ER attending told me she was prolly going to have to admit me to "The UNIT".....I was all 'THE PICU????" so maybe wasn't totally with it.....but was like FUCK THAT I AM NOT GOING TO THE ICU.....and I guess that's when things started to sink in about how sick I really was.......
More time in ER, everything started to settle, I was more stable and all of sudden the transporters are there to "take me to my room"......I'm all "where am I going?" "WTF is going on".......ultimately was admitted to the cancer unit not the ICU.....knda woulda been nice if the ER attending gave me heads up about that so I wasn't still freaking about being a ICU patient...BIIIIAAATCH!!
Back to the 7 Ewa unit I went.....flood of memories from being stuck there when this cancer shit storm started in January....but felt good to see familiar faces/friends - the nurses that work that unit are the Second Best in Hawai'i (sorry folks still gotta give #1 props to my PICU 'Ohana at Kapi'olani)
3 of them at my side, making sure I was ok, settling me in, seeing what I needed.....made me feel good and protected.
Not much memories of Saturday nite...I remember Kolea leaving around 9?? and that's about it.
Sunday??? a blurr.....I know my friend Laurie came by and brought me CPK.....I think I ate it....I don't remember anyone else being around and think I fell asleep on Laurie and that was pretty much all I did all day.....THANK YOU LAURIE - you have been such an amazing friend and support through all of have one of the biggest , caring , giving hearts of anyone I have ever known and lucky love me??? <wink><wink>
Sunday nite was PURE HELL......was still having plenty troubles breathing, felt my body shutting down on me and then the aches and pains set took every ounce of energy I had to get myself upright just so I could take a piss.
It was during the nite, quiet, alone and miserable that I came to a sense of peace that I was ready "to go" if it was truly my was not "giving up" I was "coming to peace with".....I could feel my spirit trapped inside what felt like my dying body and that is something I have never wanted ,it was as if some inner light was still on inside of me but everything around it was shutting down and it had no where to go.......... my spirit deserves better.....I called out to who ever was listening....I use the term angels or angel guides....fill in the "blank" with what ever you choose ....
I asked them to show me the way to set my spirit deserved better than this....its been a wonderful life for me full of adventure, experience, ups downs all arounds, met some amazing folks, seen some amazing places and shared experiences with others in my life that are indescribable.....I was OK with setting my spirit free from my body, free from the from "this reality"
I just had nothing left to fight with....and at that point the fighting seemed useless....not sure where my spirit would go, but it had to be better than where it was.......
No one answered.......I laid there alone in the dark, cold, barely able to move , gasping for breathing and one.....never felt that isolated before....the tears came which then led to some sort of sleep.
Monday was continued misery and battling to just do basic things like breath, the coughing had gotten Onco who I hadn't seen yet since this all started came in early and I could see the look in his eyes of " oh he's fucked"......Concern at this point was the Monday was technically when I would be due to start my Nadir from Chemo Round #5 a week before......concern was my counts would drop and I would get plenty sicker.....nothing to do but wait for see......
My great friend/brother and rock through the past few months, Kawika showed up at my bedside, I remember we talked, tears flowed......the comfort of him holding my hand put me enough at ease to fall to sleep....pretty sure Monday was spent just sleeping.....
Monday nite was an active nite in my hospital "241 Hui" that I called out to for help the previous nite showed up.....the details of the activity I'll keep to myself, but I was being comforted at first and then pushed/prodded to let me know it was time to start fighting back and getting myself through all of this.....amazing thing was that miles away the mom of one of my "241 Hui" was dreaming of exactly what her daughter was there doing.......
So Tuesday morning still felt like shit, but my counts weren't dropping the way they were expecting and I knew it was time to get my mind/spirit/body connection back and get to temps would climb to almost febrile state and then bam my body would step up and drive them back lungs had cleared, there was no more pneumonia showing on my chest xrays, infulenza tests came back negative, sputum cultures negative, blood cultures showing no growth.
Took it easy on Tuesday - spent some time with Kawika and Malia
THANK YOU Malia for being there at the very moment I needed my own personal "Shirley Maclaine".......
I had just woken up from a sleep, sat up at side of bed...was having plenty dizzy spells moving too fast, so knew to take it slow....and bam without warning.....PUKED all over the floor....dunno what caused it,  puked for a bit got some "no puke meds" - luckily one was a big fatty dose of IV Ativan which always lands this pantie on his ass!!!
Malia was ON IT, had the staff in there cleaning up and medicating me like I was the most important person in the world~~!!
Rest of Tuesday was just a chill day, quietly working with my body to heal.

Wednesday morning was feeling small bit like myself again , counts still had not totally "bottomed out" my body was working OT and  was able to crack some jokes with my Onco (actually at my Onco) when he came in the morning.....good sign I was "on the mend" decided to transition from IV to oral antibiotics and see if my system would handle and if so, made him repeat the words "possible discharge tomorrow"
Spent time with Kawika in the morning, actually got up and out of the room for a "lap around the unit" while he was with me.....having him at my side for sure makes me feel protected and knew he wouldn't let me push myself too far.
Got to get "outside" on the unit lanai, feel some fresh air, the wind, sun on my face....was nice.
For sure was surprised when got on scale and realized it was saying I was 12 lbs lighter then when I went to hospital on Saturday...for sure some of the weight on the admit was the 4 liters of fluid the gave me...but damn that was a big loss after maintaining my weight through past few months.
Was spent so laid down to take a nap, woke up and there was this beautiful wahine sitting next to my first couldn't focus for see who it was.....not sure if was just still sleepy or the light coming in the window...maybe both...then focused and realized it was Kehau (1)...still not clear how long she sat there at my side and let me sleep....but for sure was a wonderful suprise to wake up to her smiling face....didn't get a whole lot of time together because I had spent most of it asleep....but was a comfort for me to have her there.
Got to spend the late afternoon with an amazing kind generous Hawaiian that truly understands and lives Aloha...was flattered and honored when he offered to come by to visit me.....
We sat and talked story for hours, he comes from an amazing family that has had so much influence on Hawaiiana and so much history....was interesting that we found so much common ground and similarities to talk of......was a huge gift to me when he pulled out his guitar and played for about bringing tears to my looking forward to him performing at the Benefit next week.
After his visit and our talk I was left "re-charge" had plenty to think on and was "re-affirmed" that there is still PLENTY work for me to do on this planet after I pau kicking BOB's ASS!!
Thursday I was up by 4:00 am...practically packing my bags in anticipation of going home.....cleaned and ready to go when Doc came in....and got the "thumbs up" for go home....reality was even though I was still plenty weak and feeling shitty, I was on oral antibiotics, no more puking, feeling more like myself, and because was in my nadir - the hospital one of the dirtiest environments and unsafest places for me to be. Made promise that I would call if anything changed and for sure would have folks checking in on me at home.
Wasn't sure how was going to get home since everyone so busy with their lives and most folks at work.....luckily my good friend Bianca was still on island, her last day before heading back home and she offered to come get me and take me home.
Was perfect, I been missing her since she left Hawai'i, got to spend my b-day morning with her, but because she pregnant I couldn't be around her after got Chemo on gave us a little bit more time together before she had to leave island.
For sure was good to have her there to keep me calm when the pharmacist informed me that two of the new meds I was sent home on would not be covered by my state health insurance/ of which the big time antibiotic I have to be on that there is no "cheaper" generic sub for......not sure how it went down, but somehow I managed to leave there with 7 out of the 10 pills I need...will deal with getting the other 3 on Monday when go in for my follow up appt.
Felt wonderful to be home, see my cats who were very well taken care of by Terry and Nakoa while I was gone.....for sure they missed me...haven't left my side since I got home.
You never appreciate taking a shower in your own home until you spend a few days in hospital...
Got a small kine scare when after my shower I was dressed looked at myself in the mirror and realized there was fluid collecting on my t-shirt at my port site.....freaked me out......closer look and realized my skin has become pretty paper thin and the removal of the dressing they had over my port while it was accessed, left my skin raw and blistered and one of the blisters had popped and was leaking.....NOT my port thankfully............
Popped my pain pills, big fatty slug of my cough syrup and climbed into the comfort of my own bed for the longest sleep I've seen in the last week.
Usually the cats, Kolohe especially is on me at 0500 to wake up start my day (ie:feed them and let them out) and this morning they were nice enough to stay cuddled up with me and we all slept past 0700.....unheard of in this house!!
Woke up today feeling like what I think a 80 yr old feels like, took a while to roll out of bed, slow moving, but steady on my feet. TIRED TIRED TIRED.......headache wont pass and plenty of body aches and pains, which unfortunately has me back on a bunch of the pills I had gotten myself off of...the cycle of taking one pill to relieve one thing but then having to take another to counter the effects of the first, then a third because the second works to well....blah blah blah.....I do have to write down everything I take as soon as I take it....chemo brain leaves me wondering 5 minutes later if I took anything at all....recipe for some trouble!
Got some work done for the benefit, chose the photos of mine I am going to have put on canvas for the silent auction, then it was nap #1 time....was up from that for and hour or so before Nap#2 came on.
Physical activities today....walking to the mailbox......driving garbage cans up the driveway for pick up tomorrow and an evening walk out front to lounge chairs to watch the beautiful things that happen in Hakipu'u when the sun starts to set on the other side of the mountains.
Nap #3 ...then this blog........

So....there ya have experience of the past few days......thank you all for your calls, letters, texts, facebook posts ...everything you did to remind me I do for reals have AN ARMY BEHIND ME!!!
The prayers, good vibes, wishes and all were put to good use....I'm still plenty weak, battling with the cough, the fatigue  headaches and body aches..are pretty much to be expected after the cumulative effects of 5 rounds of chemo and the "beat down" my body took over the past few days...but I am feeling more and more myself......I am fighting hard as I can.
And am so thankful to all of your for all of your caring, love and support.....once again I am blown away and looking forward to when all of this shit is behind me and I can begin PAYING FORWARD the generosity, support and lessons I have learned these past few months.

“It scares me how hard it is to remember life before you. I can't even make the comparisons anymore, because my memories of that time have all the depth of a photograph. It seems foolish to play games of better and worse. It's simply a matter of is and is no longer.”
― David Levithan

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly.....

So here's MY reality with chemotherapy.....It DOES get HARDER with each least for me this is the case.
This is not always the case for everyone....but the thing about chemotherapy is while highly effective at killing cancer cells it can also damage rapidly dividing healthy cells through out the body. The potential toxic cumulative side effects are numerous....there's the whole risk for infection when counts drop, the risks of bleeding, the fatigue, the chemo brain, the potential risk for damage to other organs of the body.....and of course one of my all time favorites the risk of one of the chemo's I am on to cure my lymphoma can actually cause Leukemia.
Those are the facts.....and the cumulative effects of my treatment are beating my ass!!
Had a nice quiet/reflective birthday and b-day weekend. Got to get in a good hike on Sunday with some friends - needed to be out and distracted as it was "Pre-chemo Sunday".....I had spent the majority of the previous week moving a lot slower and needing a lot more rest....I think in my previous blog I tried to blame it on a "bug" I thought I picked up .....looking back I think it was just my body telling me to "get ready" ......the fight was really coming my way.
Sunday nite was the first time since all of this started I actually slept through the nite before chemo.....I am sure a lot of it had to do with the physical tiredness of hiking all day......but there was also a comfort to my sleep that nite....I would later find out why....THANK YOU KATE!!
So went in Monday morning for my "pre -chemo" work up , labs looked good....I must have looked tired/fatigued.....talked with the onco and he explained how it wasn't uncommon for me to be feeling this way at this point, especially on the chemo regimen I am on. He said he wouldn't be surprised if it actually got worse between now and round 6 and that I could probably expect the fatigue to linger for weeks following round #6........not the first time I asked myself why am I putting myself through this, why am I doing this to my body....and sure it wouldn't be the last.
Last 2 rounds had some troubles with nausea and then vomiting during the infusion of one of the chemo's ......of course the one everyone says "shouldn't make me nauseated or cause me to throw up" staying true to my history my body does exactly what "the experts" say it won't do.
We did add a strong anti-emetic pre-med to my treatment plan, this one seems to be the one most have had the best luck with. So I was for sure happy to get it....
Chemo started infusing around 10 am.....I was knocked out!! Luckily because of my previous history of puking during chemo I was able to talk them into a double dose of Benadryl.....and thought okie..."I'll just sleep through all of this, wont even know if I get nauseous.....
BIG FAIL!!!! Woke by noon and the puking came on and came on strong.....puked for a few hours, got it under control just like round 4 and thought " through that"......
Was I WRONG!!! By 8:00 pm was home and "Da Puke Monster" showed up at my house, no warning, no polite knocking......not even a "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down".....nope was full on puking......
As Monday led to Tuesday I was not able to keep anything solid in my system and was even having troubles with liquids....luckily I know what needs to be done to keep myself hydrated and when talked to the docs office agreed on a plan and agreed that if things got "worse" I would head to the hospital (yeah right like I am going to go sit in the F'ing ER for 6 hours waiting for IV fluids ....NOT~~")
Lucky for me I have been getting spoiled by Aileen and Gramma Great with the best possible way to fight of dehydration.....

THE BEST COCONUT WATER ON THE MARKET..... I am a big fan of my coconut water fresh right from the coconut....if you can't get that this in my opinion is the next best thing !!!
When keeping this down got really rough I wound up freezing it and just sucking on the ice cubes to stay hydrated.

Wednesday had to be back at the office for my Neulasta shot, of course they wanted to "hook me up" and give me myself out of it.....swore again I would watch my PO intake and make sure I was making pee every 2 hours....they like to hear shit like that.....c'mon pee every 2 hours SERIOUSLY?!?!?! ha ha ha!!
Was a good thing I declined the "hook-up" as Wednesday was soon going to be one most challenging days yet.......was a long day spent at the hospital with a friend.....

Thursday morning was shocked when woke feeling even worse.....managed to keep my tea down and my morning pills.....but was beyond exhausted..... again finding all sorts of excuses for being tired ......other than just owning up to the body is FUCKING TIRED......
"Da Puke Monster" was nice enough to move on by Thursday evening and fluids were going down and staying down ....woot woot !!
EXCEPT for the esophagitis that was caused by all of my vomiting.....basically the lining of my throat is torn up.... By this morning just swallowing my own spit was like swallowing razor blades...MANY MANY THANKS to my Great friend Gerelyn for coming through with the recipe to her " mucocitis cocktail" I was able to take semi-solids down today.
Still popping the anti-emetics around the clock.....just like ensure one more day of no puking before risking coming down off of them.
All this BEFORE my damn counts drop next week......I am sooo FUCKING OVER IT~~

Folks keep commenting  on "woo hoo" "congrats" your almost "finished"......almost finished with what???? The Chemo - yes I am almost finished with round #6 of my chemo.....then there is the few weeks of letting that round wreak its havoc/do its work ....then its the waiting game before the next Petscan to let us know how the cancer actually responded to the chemo.....just because round 6 goes in DOESN'T mean the cancer moves out......then after the Petscan and we can determine what cancer is left and where it is on to radiation treatments......and to be very honest at this point I am having serious second thoughts about putting my body through that.....will deal with that when we have the results of the Petscan and what the "recommendations" are....SORRY If I can't be getting more excited and celebratory with everyone about making it to round 6....
So that's where I am at "dodged" the admit to hospital for fluids "bullet"..adapting to yet more changes .....FRUSTRATED, TIRED, ANGRY, AFRAID.........THANKFUL to all of you for your continued caring love and support.
The "ChipIn" site came to its 3 month expiration.....bat shit crazy to realize it's been 3 months of this already.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so very much for your generosity....I will forever be blown away and so grateful to everyone who stepped up to help me when I needed it most!!
I am in the process of getting in touch with each of you to acknowledge and thank you personally, it;s just taking more time than I imagined, but I know your out there and I will get to you!!
It's difficult that "THANK YOU" is all I can give right now....know the words carry a ton of weight with me......what I can promise is that once all of this is behind me the generosity, the love , the caring, the enormous hearts and support WILL BE PAYED FORWARD you have all inspired in me ways to make this a better place for others more than you can imagine, and it will be my pleasure to get to work on it in honor of all of you and the lessons of life, love and karma you have blessed me with.

Moving forward....realize it's been over a week since I took my sunrise walk and no matter what, no matter how tired...tomorrow I WILL GET UP AND DO IT.
Disappointed that I won't make it to Maui for the OluKai Ho'olaule'a this year....
was looking forward to another round in the helicopter...
More so going to miss the laughs and antics with my OPTV 'Ohana and seeing friends....
Just things have gotten to where I need to be "responsible" and can't be going and tryin to do this stuff and just turn out to be "dead weight" ( no pun intended) and needing folks to worry or care for me............

I do  have the planning of the Fundraiser/Benefit to look forward to ...which is fast becoming a big job for everyone involved!!!...goal tomorrow is to make final cuts on the photography I will be putting into the silent auction....hard to pick.....and this will really be the first time my work is on "display" for  a group of this size.......Stoked to be getting calls everyday with more and more donors to the silent auction.
Will be a good time and will be good to see a lot of folks I haven't seen in a while. Well that's it folks, wind is outta my sail for now....just wanted to get you all a quickie update and hopefully answer some of your questions and concerns about this past week.


“Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam/ Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean/ On the tough guy style I'm not too keen/ To try to change the world I will plot and scheme.”